My first name is Enzo, I am the developer and the creator of Raptor-Earth.
I am anxious to specify you that for the moment I am the only person who boss on the game, even if I was largely been to help by magnificent people!
Moreover I am anxious here to thank for the bottom of the heart all the people having me near or by far to help to launch that, John (Pyro) Arena who be there from my first times, or other people as the members of my family and even some friends like FBTH of WOGD: Dinsoaurs.
Thanks to them who will recognize themselves for those whom I did not summon to have believed in me or to have helped me that that is for an advice, a drawing to see other throughout my parcour.

Also thank a lot for they donators who’s allow me to acquire models, paid an animator and others to continue has to progress


-Léo Anhemien



Thanks you all








Thank you has all who have and who helps the project closely or remotely, everything those who support us since the start !