Raptor Earth,
It is about a game of survival possessing a solo campaign as well as a multiplayer around dinosaurs.
Our campaign turns to a new history and staged around the relation between the man and the animal, the predators and the preys. This one will decompose into two campaigns, you will have the possibility of playing either dinosaurs or human beings, both campaigns enters cups, what allows you to have two points of view.
Secrets, elements on the history will be distributes in the various maps what gives an interest to replay the campaign.
Our multiplayer aims to be to be a sandbox mode for the moment mixing, Free roam and Kills with a still ever used concept. So that every types of players can play together on the same servers…
For the general aspect of the game this one turns to a particular style, not scientifically correct dinosaurs, it means that they have no feathers and will not be correct with the last information on their subjects, for example for the spinosaure, we shall take the version of Jurassic Park which we really like.
The global atmosphere is also under a style against the supernatural and against the discovery, a more stressful atmosphere alarming and horrific.
The game is in development from now on more than year, we have many difficulties but it did not prevent to us from continuing our progress !
Thanks to all for the supports so far, we are proud to have announced finally our Alpha, thank you enormously to you !